Jul 17

So When Would You Need Mobile Bar Hire Anyway

There’s a lot of companies out there selling products, and some of them just don’t sound as if they’d ever really be worth your time. The companies wrong, the products wrong, or you just can’t see why you’d need to pay for that.

When you’re planning your wedding, or a big event, you’ll be thinking about lots of things, and you’ll also know that a lot of those optional extras aren’t necessary. Getting everything right will require planning, and not buying or hiring everything in sight.

Getting Started

Instead, give yourself a really clear idea of what it is you’re trying to achieve. Is it an intimate affair? Are you planning a party or a sit down dinner? Is it a mix of the two? How will you provide refreshments? Will your guests be paying, are they included in the ticket price, or is it a completely free event for your guests to come and enjoy?

It’s you responsibility to make sure there is enough seating and enough chairs, as well as food and drink and any other facilities which might be necessary. Entertain is a good idea as an extra (although not necessary when working from a budget – simply invest in mobile bar hire and allow your guests to create their own entertainment.

Giving Structure

Mobile bar hire might not be an obvious choice, but it is a really useful one. In lots of venues that you might be looking at there just won’t be this kind of facility, and when you’re inviting everyone you know and everyone you’ve ever met it’s not a bad idea to have some drinks on hand. If you’re running a buffet it can be tempting to just have a drinks table rather than mobile bar hire, where everyone can help themselves. This issue with this is that in all the excitement things can get spilt, broken, or your guests might wander off with bottles meaning you run out a lot more quickly than you should.

By hiring a mobile bar you’ll be more in control of the drinks, and you’ll be able to calculate just how many you’ll get from the soft drinks and alcohol you buy because standardised measures and glasses will be used, giving you a much better chance of estimating accurately. It’s always worth bringing more than you think you’re going to need – a wedding is thirsty business!

Where to look

There are plenty of companies which offer mobile bar hire in the UK, and in specific regions (although many will deliver wherever you need it). Depending on your needs, some companies might be more or less suitable.

For example, you can hire the bar itself, and you might also be able to get the glasses, and even a bar tender through the same company. Research is key, and finding the right company will go a long way toward helping you to achieve the perfect event.


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