Sep 03

Personalize Your Vows Add a Funny Wedding Vow

All engaged couples hope their wedding day will be a memorable one.

This event is the beginning of your new lives together. You will want the ceremony and your wedding vows to reflect both your individual personalities and your love for each other.

Why Write Your Own Vows?

Why do couples decide to write their own wedding vows? There are many reasons, but usually it is because they are creative individuals who are tired of the standard vows.

They want their words to be personal and to express exactly how they feel. Some prefer to spice up their vows a bit or add a funny wedding vow. Others find that only the two of them can express their true feelings and intentions in uniting with each other. They may find that traditional vows do not allow them to express themselves freely.

Remembering the Humor: Funny Wedding Vows

Writing your wedding vows should not be a chore or something you dread doing. It should be fun! One thing you need to keep in mind both for your wedding and then for the marriage to come afterwards is your sense of humor. Every successful couple understands the importance of humor in relationship. Sometimes you just can’t take things too seriously or the stress will destroy you.

The same thing applies to writing your wedding vows. Be sure you remember your sense of humor and remember what it is that drew the two of you together to begin with. There is no rule that says your vows have to be boring or lackluster. Your vows should reflect your personality.

This is a good point to remember that it’s okay to be funny in your wedding vows. Yes, this is a serious event and you want to be taken seriously. But a little humor is okay, especially if it comes naturally and if you are a bit of a jokester anyway. You certainly don’t want to treat your wedding ceremony as if it’s comedy night at the club or bust out with those funny internet jokes you got in your email yesterday. However, some properly placed humor is a really good thing.

Examples of Funny Wedding Vows

Funny wedding vows like, “I promise to share the remote and to put the toilet seat down” might sound kind of funny now but will not likely be a hit at the actual wedding. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find some funny wedding vows that fit you two as a couple.

“I promise to always make your favorite banana milkshake,” or “I vow to split the difference on the thermostat” are some more examples of funny wedding vows we’ve found. You can have a lot of fun thinking up your own whether they end up in your vows or not.


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