Aug 27

Interesting Wedding Customs In Guangzhou City Of China

The wedding ceremony is an important matter in one’s life, it has the close relation with the happiness of one’s latter life. So a happy and high level wedding ceremony will add more happy elements to the lovers in their lives. Since after getting married, it means that the couples life is not only belong to the two who get married, and they must face the bilateral family members, their friends as well the relatives. I would like to introduce some interesting wedding customs in Guangzhou, China.

When the bridegroom goes to the bride’s family to bring her to the wedding places they planned before hand, he must knock bride’s boudoir door firstly. Generally speaking if he wants the bride to open the door, he must go through different kinds of obstacles which are created by bridesmaid and bridal sisters. The sisters have already hidden one of the bride’s shoes in earlier time. After the bridegroom entering the room, he will ask his brothers to look for bride’s shoes, if they cannot find, the bridegroom must give the red paper containing money as a gift to the bride’s sisters, and ask them to disclose some news of the hidden place of the shoe. If they still can’t find it, sisters’ will torture him by the way they like.

If one marries before her elder brother, she must drill her elder brother’s pants. The pants hang in bride’s door when she goes out of the room during the wedding, she must walk from the bottom of pants leg. Certainly, she must serve tea to her elder brother. If the bride has younger brother, she must carry in the wife’s younger brothers shoes to the younger brother and in Guangzhou it is called the maternal uncle young shoes.

After finding out the shoe, the bridegroom will hug the bride and go out of the room, at the same time the elder sister must open an red umbrella in the entrance (in some places as Panyu, Shunde the umbrella is opened by father). Then the relatives and friends will throw rice above the umbrella. But I don’t know why they do this, it is just the custom.

Then in the wedding venues, where the bilateral family members, friends and relatives who are most centralized at an exactly time, even many people meet each other before the wedding time. Therefore the good performance in the wedding ceremony can help to set up a good image in their minds. Whether the wedding ceremony successful or not, not lies on how luxuriant of the wedding and how expensive of the gifts, it’s decided by how much you know the custom of the wedding itself.

So we can see it is essential to know about the wedding receptions and courtesy of the new ones who get married before marriage. So interesting of the customs in wedding are in our china, you will well enjoy yourself when you have the chance to attend in it.


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