Jul 10

How To Interview Guests For Wedding Videography

Interviewing guests for wedding videography is not an easy job as many think, but if done right then you’ll definitely end up with some great footage that will improve the final wedding video, below are tips on how to properly interview wedding guests if you’ve been given the responsibility of doing wedding videotaping.

Treat the guests with respect

Don’t force or coarse anyone to talk to the camera if they’re not comfortable, remember that even shy folks who refuse to be interviewed at first will definitely open up once they see other people doing it.

Inform them that the interviews are for the bride and groom

You’ll often get better responses if you start by informing the guests that the bride and groom asked you to get comments from them for the wedding video. This starter will inspire people who maybe hesitant opening up to the camera. Wedding guests usually open up when they know that the bride and groom want to hear what they have to say.

Prepare interview questions

You’re free to ask for well wishes, comments but you may discover that people give interesting comments if you ask them specific questions. Questions such “how are you related to the bride and groom?, what’s your advise to the couple?, any favorite story you remember about the couple? etc.

Get a hand held mic

In a loud reception room you won’t be able to pick up people’s voices clearly with an on camera microphone. Instead, you’ll need to use a handheld mic. If you don’t have a handheld mic, try setting up the camera outside of the main reception room, where it’s quieter, and recording the wedding guest interviews there.

Enlist the kids help

If there are flower girls or ring bearers at the wedding, they can break the ice and help you get good interviews with guests. I always find that little kids are fascinated with the video camera and also love to be given responsibility. So, I hand them the mic and ask who they think should talk on camera. Then, I follow them from table to table and let them get the guests started talking.

Involve the wedding party

If you have an extra, inexpensive automatic camcorder, you can hand it off to an outgoing groomsman or bridesmaid. Let this person record wedding guest interviews at the reception, you’ll get an insider’s perspective and guests will say things to this camera that they wouldn’t necessarily say to you.

Ask for the DJs help

If you don’t want to go table to table asking guests to speak, have the DJ make an announcement. He can let guests know that you’ve set up your camera outside the room and are ready to interview any willing volunteers.


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