Aug 31

Hindu Wedding

Talk about hindu weddings ,and the first thing that comes in to mind is the joy, charm, rituals and colourful ceremonies that extend for several days. The flamboyance and charm that is seen in hindu weddings is unparalleled and unmatched.Right from wedding attire to gifts, wedding venue to food , cards to accessories everything is a pefect display of grandeur .

Hindus attach a lot of importance with the wedding ceremonies . The ceremonies start days before the actual wedding day and last for many days after the wedding takes place.The pre wedding ceremonies include enagagement where the grooms relatives are invited to brides place and the lagna patra is written .Then comes the big day wedding day followed by brides welcome to the grooms place often called reception . others like mehndi, geet sangeet are few other very important and enjoyable ceremonies. Unlike the western marriages, hindu marriages are much more celebrated and talked about . One of the reason being ,that marriage is a good time when all family members, relatives and friends irrespective of physical or emotional distances get together for a common goal, wedding. They share their happiness together and enhance the beauty of the occasion by contributing in various ways like dancing and singing.

Hindu weddings are a perfect example of extravagance and flamboyance. From the heavily embellished and much too expensive attire and accessories of the bride and groom to the exotic wedding venues everything demands lot of money and resources. The preparation of a wedding is also a very challenging task. It involves everything from booking the wedding venue to arranging caterers plus the decoration, cards distribution and the list of tasks goes on , Therefore the preparation starts months before the wedding. But at the end of the day its worth spending that much amount of time and resources on weddings as for hindus marriage is a once in a lifetime occasion. A lifetime bond made in heaven and performed here by us.

On the wedding day the bride and the groom exchange garlands called varmalas infront of all the people attending the ceremony.And then after much of celebration and naach gaana the time to take pheras come. Hindu wedding ceremonies are conducted in Sanskrit. These are called mantras which are uttered by the holy priest in the presence of the auspicious fire, one of the panchkarmas.The bride and the groom are then asked to take saat phere around the holy fire. After completing pheras , bride and groom seek blessings from the god then the priest and then the parents. And then comes the time of vidaai, when the bride finally leaves her parents house for her husband and in laws .This is the only time when the entire happiness and cheerfulness in the environment turns a little gloomy. But it is just a momentary emotional outburst and ultimately everyone from both the sides blesses the holy bond and enjoy and celebrate their happiness.


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