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Personalize Your Vows Add a Funny Wedding Vow

All engaged couples hope their wedding day will be a memorable one.

This event is the beginning of your new lives together. You will want the ceremony and your wedding vows to reflect both your individual personalities and your love for each other.

Why Write Your Own Vows?

Why do couples decide to write their own wedding vows? There are many reasons, but usually it is because they are creative individuals who are tired of the standard vows.

They want their words to be personal and to express exactly how they feel. Some prefer to spice up their vows a bit or add a funny wedding vow. Others find that only the two of them can express their true feelings and intentions in uniting with each other. They may find that traditional vows do not allow them to express themselves freely.

Remembering the Humor: Funny Wedding Vows

Writing your wedding vows should not be a chore or something you dread doing. It should be fun! One thing you need to keep in mind both for your wedding and then for the marriage to come afterwards is your sense of humor. Every successful couple understands the importance of humor in relationship. Sometimes you just can’t take things too seriously or the stress will destroy you.

The same thing applies to writing your wedding vows. Be sure you remember your sense of humor and remember what it is that drew the two of you together to begin with. There is no rule that says your vows have to be boring or lackluster. Your vows should reflect your personality.

This is a good point to remember that it’s okay to be funny in your wedding vows. Yes, this is a serious event and you want to be taken seriously. But a little humor is okay, especially if it comes naturally and

Sep 01

Bring A Friend Along When Looking At Wedding Venues

Nothing in the world can compare to the way you feel when someone tells you that they want to spend the rest of their life with you. As excited as you may be about the occasion, you can’t afford to waste any time. It doesn’t matter if you have set the date for next month or next year, one of the biggest challenges you will need to overcome is deciding between wedding venues. Remember:

Whether you dream of getting married in a palace or park, it’s crucial that you contact each place well in advance. Looking at pictures online doesn’t compare to touring each location in person. Even though you may have your hopes set on a particular place, you need to be flexible in your choices. Have several wedding venues on standby just in case you can’t make reservations for your first or second choice. Remember that the competition for wedding venues is high, especially in the summer months. Try to look at different types of wedding venues and be open minded about them. While there is nothing wrong with being picky, you have to remember that time is an important factor. Even if you see places that fall short of your expectations you shouldn’t dismiss them. Being rigid in your wedding plans will only make for a high stress experience.

It’s a good idea to bring someone along to tour wedding venues. An objective third party can keep you on track and remind you to stay open minded. Also, they can provide alternative views on the potential of a location. They may be able to point out things that you overlooked. Try to bring a friend or family member that can see “the big picture.” Bring a wedding planner if you

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Garhwali Wedding

India is the land of 28 beautiful States and 7 Union Territories. Each state is different from another in many ways. Each state has its own language, traditions, customs, rituals etc. In short and snappy terms, unity in diversity is one of the finest features of India. India is distinguished for its proud culture and customs and one of them is Indian Wedding. Each state has its own style, own style even own wedding ways.

One of the beautiful states of India is Uttarakhand. This state has two regions Garhwal & Kumaon. Garhwal is a beautiful region surrounded by stunning hills, picturesque vistas and scenic beauty on all sides. Furthermore, it is also well known for its superb wedding traditions as well as anti dowry approach. Today the time has been changed but some customs are still the identical in the region such as pre arranged marriages are preferred, matching the horoscopes of the future bride and bridegroom, status of the family, rigid caste system etc.

After following all the above steps engagement ceremony is the next pivotal step of Garhwali wedding. By tradition, the marriage procession is led with a white flag known as Nishan (representing the bridegroom) along with traditional band that are shehnai, piper, a pair of drummers and a nagara. The last man of the marriage procession carries red flag that represents the bride. On arrival at the brides residence like any other Indian wedding food is served along with flawless services and ethnic style. Nose ring ceremony also known as nath ceremony is one of the unique customs of Garhwali Wedding. In this ceremony beautiful traditional Nath is presented to the bride.

After that the Phera ceremony takes place. In succinct, they have to complete the seven rounds of the sacred fire. While returning

Sep 01

Tips for Ensuring Your Wedding Invites Go Out on Time

Brides go through so much as it leads up to their wedding day. There is so many things to take into consideration, so much planning to do and then you still have to remember that everything is sent out, paid and arranged on time.

There is ceremony and reception halls to book, deposits to pay and notes to be made for final payment. There is a wedding dress to find, bridesmaid dresses, save the date cards, wedding invites, thank you notes and so much more. This excludes flowers, caterers, photographers, drivers and the list goes on.

It’s no surprise that so many brides find planning their wedding one of the most horrific experiences of their lives, which is why you need to write a list of everything you need to do and plan, share some of the tasks with your maid of honour or a close family member, taking some of the burden off you and enabling you to relax a little and prepare yourself for your new life as a married woman.

The first step to planning your wedding invites and ensuring that your guests are aware of when your date is, is to purchase some save the date cards. In most cases you can purchase your wedding invites, save the date cards, RSVP cards, name place settings, menus and thank you cards as a bulk package, enabling you to keep the same theme throughout.

Save the date cards should be sent out as soon as you have decided on your wedding date, this can be anything from ten to twelve months in advance. These cards enable guests to diarize the event to ensure that they don’t make other plans and can celebrate with you on your special day.

The next step is to ensure that you post out your wedding invites at least

Aug 31

Hindu Wedding

Talk about hindu weddings ,and the first thing that comes in to mind is the joy, charm, rituals and colourful ceremonies that extend for several days. The flamboyance and charm that is seen in hindu weddings is unparalleled and unmatched.Right from wedding attire to gifts, wedding venue to food , cards to accessories everything is a pefect display of grandeur .

Hindus attach a lot of importance with the wedding ceremonies . The ceremonies start days before the actual wedding day and last for many days after the wedding takes place.The pre wedding ceremonies include enagagement where the grooms relatives are invited to brides place and the lagna patra is written .Then comes the big day wedding day followed by brides welcome to the grooms place often called reception . others like mehndi, geet sangeet are few other very important and enjoyable ceremonies. Unlike the western marriages, hindu marriages are much more celebrated and talked about . One of the reason being ,that marriage is a good time when all family members, relatives and friends irrespective of physical or emotional distances get together for a common goal, wedding. They share their happiness together and enhance the beauty of the occasion by contributing in various ways like dancing and singing.

Hindu weddings are a perfect example of extravagance and flamboyance. From the heavily embellished and much too expensive attire and accessories of the bride and groom to the exotic wedding venues everything demands lot of money and resources. The preparation of a wedding is also a very challenging task. It involves everything from booking the wedding venue to arranging caterers plus the decoration, cards distribution and the list of tasks goes on , Therefore the preparation starts months before the wedding. But at the end of the day its

Aug 29

Informal Wedding Dress Styles For Casual Wedding

Many informal wedding dresses that are perfect for outdoor weddings, usually have no straps, no sleeves, and are constructed from a lightweight and flowing material. Vogue bridal look loves informal wedding dress styled appearance nowadays while traditional wedding dress still goes to ones feet and has a long train. Dress lengths vary a lot and the trend for casual wedding inclines towards informal short styled wedding dress.

Knee length informal wedding dresses are all the rage. Featuring a detailed flair, refined embroidered bodice combined with a puffed, pleated skirt that reaches the knee will reveal elegant fair temperament. Also, a styled skirt with chic fashion elements and a right hugging bodice works well to convey a dressed feel for the happiest occasion. Colored sash would be always nice to be introduced.

Another trendy informal wedding dress style for brides is tea length. An informal tea length wedding dress usually goes down to the middle of the calves. And this length is considered as the best for semi formal occasions as it is aesthetically elegant and practically nice to move around. The most searched tea length wedding dress in vogue is that fully embroidered styles with asymmetrical hemmed.

Short informal wedding dress styles will work especially to ensure that a woman appears casual and still refined during her wedding. The skirt part of the dress can work with ruffles, patterns and even some special types of hues. The most valuable thing about short informal wedding dresses is something that will simply work with less fabric space.

For those brides who have shapely legs to show off, short wedding dresses are certainly their best bet to show that slim, slender and shaved legs. Also this will even enable a women make a more memorable appearance on her wedding day.

Aug 29

What Is The Trend In Wedding Dresses For 2013

The wedding dress is just about the most crucial item in the wedding ceremony except the vows and the rings. The bride wants to look her best and the groom wants to look his best too. A beautiful wedding dress will help the bride’s aspiration to look dazzling come true.

Very well known designers already presented their collections of wedding dresses for Fall/Winter 2012 2013. Here are some of the trends:

For Monique Lhuilier two details that will trend 2013 are deep V neckline and delicate embroidery.

Claire Pettibone shows another trend, delicate pale blue silk decorated with delicate beads.

For Sue Wong bridal fashion the trend is art deco.

The vintage style seen since a few seasons ago keeps coming to 2013 so Lazarus style are flowers and beads.

Ann Bowen is definitely a V neck shaped collection of wedding dresses.

Liancarlo a mermaid dress is a trend.

Badgley Mischka a version of the fringe trend is combined with simple pearls as decorative elements.

For Marchesa is embroidered tulle dress with feather details and for Fantasy is just simple and pure silk.

The trend for 2013 is sophisticated, elegant, feminine and very sexy look. An exuberant combination of lace, tulle, chiffon and silk.

Romantic, flowing dresses in floor length styles remain popular. Brides today choose dresses with flowing, soft fabrics, ruffles, satin sashes (at the waist), and delicate floral details. Most dress silhouettes are refined and include the delicate overlaying of fabrics such as chiffon, tulle and lace. Gowns with crystal, cubic zirconia, and/or pearl embellished bodices are very popular at the moment. The modified A line skirt also remains prominent on the fashion runways (slim through the waist and flared at the bottom) although many designers have included ball gowns and tea length styles in their lines as well. Strapless wedding gowns are perennial favorites, but this season has

Aug 27

Interesting Wedding Customs In Guangzhou City Of China

The wedding ceremony is an important matter in one’s life, it has the close relation with the happiness of one’s latter life. So a happy and high level wedding ceremony will add more happy elements to the lovers in their lives. Since after getting married, it means that the couples life is not only belong to the two who get married, and they must face the bilateral family members, their friends as well the relatives. I would like to introduce some interesting wedding customs in Guangzhou, China.

When the bridegroom goes to the bride’s family to bring her to the wedding places they planned before hand, he must knock bride’s boudoir door firstly. Generally speaking if he wants the bride to open the door, he must go through different kinds of obstacles which are created by bridesmaid and bridal sisters. The sisters have already hidden one of the bride’s shoes in earlier time. After the bridegroom entering the room, he will ask his brothers to look for bride’s shoes, if they cannot find, the bridegroom must give the red paper containing money as a gift to the bride’s sisters, and ask them to disclose some news of the hidden place of the shoe. If they still can’t find it, sisters’ will torture him by the way they like.

If one marries before her elder brother, she must drill her elder brother’s pants. The pants hang in bride’s door when she goes out of the room during the wedding, she must walk from the bottom of pants leg. Certainly, she must serve tea to her elder brother. If the bride has younger brother, she must carry in the wife’s younger brothers shoes to the younger brother and in Guangzhou it is called the maternal uncle young shoes.

After finding out

Aug 24

How Brides Transorm Their Gowns To Unique Wedding Dresses

A wedding gown is the first test of every bride. Your choice of dress will say a lot about you as a person and even sell out your attributes and therefore attention to detail is paramount and should not be left to chance.

While there are various options of dresses out there that will try to define your personality. There are two ways one can be able to obtain unique wedding dresses. You can talk to the wedding dress consultant and have it custom made to your detailed specifications or you can buy a dress and detail to it to make it unique and personalized.

Unique wedding dresses

While every bride to be wants to look like a bride, every bride wants s to stand out and look different from the last bride. Before making the bridal dress sojourn, you need to first of all read a lot of material to find out the terms used to define various aspects of the bridal dress. Terms like silhouette and the various kinds out there should not be new to you. The various necklines, choice fabric and different color shades should be within your reach so as to make your work easier.

Different brides have different criteria’s for choosing their dresses but it is advised that you should have made a decision on your theme for the wedding before looking for that magical dress. This may be influenced largely by the season weather your wedding will encounter but is not always the case.

Your hairstyle for the big day should be decided before hand to help you in making an overall decision about the look. This is paramount as the hairstyle has the power to transform your look and it may be a tragedy if does not portray or bring the impression you wanted it to create.


Aug 23

Reasons Why Brides Will Go For A Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress

Having a dress that accentuates your figure and brings about your best quality as a bride is a tall order wedding gown that is good looking and trendy goes a long way in saying a lot about your style. A Lace mermaid wedding dress happens to be the choice dress for brides to be currently. This dress happens to be the most trending dress on the market and rightfully so as they bring out that mermaid like figure that every girl wants to flaunt. It is also called trumpets perhaps because of the loud and resounding statement they make while the bride walks down the aisle. Here are a few reasons why they are preferred as the choice wedding dress of every bride.

Four reasons why the lace mermaid dress is preferred among brides to be:

a) It is trending

Every bride wants to not be left behind when it comes to making fashion statements and this is what the lace mermaid dress promises. Unlike olden times when brides wore their best dresses or wore a dress that was passed down to generations, having a designer dress to your wedding happens t o be key as you are perceives as fashion conscious.

b) Come in an array of options

They come in an array of options that fit various body types. From a v neck for women with fuller busts to an ornate beaded one to a strapless tank and so much more many options to choose from that it ultimately is the first option for brides as they make a personal statement on the big day.

c) Touch of class

The gowns are simply elegant and classy especially on a choice fabric such as satin. They bring out sophistication and glamour in a unique way. Paired with their tasteful lace, they are absolutely stunning and help

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